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Friday Focus: Blonde Blonde Blonde Hair

Hey guys

So I have been wanting to turn my brunette hair blonde for some time now, but always panic because of the many different shades of blonde out there and not knowing which one suits me best, and even if I did choose one that suited me, whether this could be achieved. But next Thursday I am booked in for an appointment... I have warned my hairdresser that "I'm going blonde". The last time I was there (February - yikes) she talked me out of it (knowing that I visit the salon twice a year max!) and I ended up with dip-dye! I must say that dip-dye/ombre is a convenient option as you obviously don't get any root issues whatsoever, hence why I haven't been to the hairdressers for 8 months! This is also another issue with blonde - maintenance - something I'm quite concerned about!

Well anyway, despite this, I'm still going blonde, the thought has been lurking for a year now and I just need to get it out of my system! I have been blonde a couple of times before - but the last time round was over some red hair and it was just not a good blonde. It made me aware that some shades of blonde are bad (brassy, eww) and so I have been researching pictures in order to be able to fully inform my hairdresser of the blonde I'm after. There are literally millions of shades of blonde so picking the right shade is vitally important. 

The main thing you need to consider when going blonde and choosing a shade of blonde is your skin tone.  Nicola Clarke creative director at John Frieda said this "As a rule if you're fair skinned then bright, bold blondes - even platinum shades and ash tones are the most flattering. For medium skin tones you should keep it a little warmer, with golden tones, anything too light will drain the complexion. If you have dark skin, go for blonde tones and again avoid going too light". 

So let's look at some examples of this:

Medium Skin: Blake has a a medium skin tone aka she is tanned all year round, so she has more of a golden, honey blonde which complements this. 

Similarly, Jennifer Anniston also chooses more caramel and honey shades of blonde due to her medium complexion. Both Blake and Jennifer have lighter strands which frame their face. It is important to consider things like this!

Fair Skin: In a blog post on blonde hair, how could we not mention our favourite Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon. She has a far paler complex to Jen and so her hair colour is much lighter mixing platinum and ash blondes. She has a few darker shades pulled through her fringe. The bright blonde and bright blue eyes look amazing - bringing me to another point: it is also important to consider eye colour when thinking about the right shade of blonde for you. Often fair skin tones and light eye colours look better with a lighter blonde (i.e. Reese) but fair skin tones with a medium eye colour can mix lighter and medium blondes (i.e. Fearne in the pic below).  

Fearne Cotton also has a fairer complexion and so she opts for a more platinum coloured blonde but adds in a few medium blonde highlights to add some depth and richness to the colour. 

Taylor Swift chooses more of an ash blonde to complement her fair skin.

Beyonce successfully pulls of blonde hair with her darker skin by opting for a rich caramel blonde.

As seen in these celeb pictures it is possible to vary lighter and darker shades of blonde with different coloured highlights. Your hairdresser will more than likely mix two-three shades of blonde into your highlights so it is important that you make your wishes clear with your hairdresser - pictures are always helpful. 

Another thing to consider when going blonde is that the colour can start to look dull after a few weeks, so it is important to consider purchasing new shampoos specifically for coloured/blonde hair. I can recommend Herbal Essences' Ignite My Colour which I wrote about here and Chelsea also provided us with some great tips on reviving blonde hair in her blog post here. Check it out.

Finally, you will need to reconsider the make-up that you use to complement the new blonde hair i.e. it is probably time for new shades of blushes/lipsticks/eyeshadows. The best solution to this would be to visit a beauty counter at a department store and ask the make-up artist to test out some different colours for you.

Well I hope this has provided some hair inspiration to you all! I'll post a picture of the transformation on Thursday! Ahh I'm a bit nervous!

Naomi x 

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